New Streaming Services Expected:

  1. Building off the success of Quibi, new streaming platforms will emerge in 2021. The first of which will be Zoom as it prepares to stay competitive after in-person meetings become a thing again after the pandemic. Expected content series will feature original content including the 30-minute mystery “Oh, Sorry, I Was On Mute.”

Stories Will Become More Popular Than Ever:

  1. Microsoft Office will add stories. Whenever you go to do literally anything in Word, Clippy will pop up and force you to watch a video of Bill Gates getting pranked.
  2. Goodreads, attempting to get ahead of the stories curve, will add a new feature called “Novels” with a minimum video length requirement of four hours.

Competition Between Major Social Networks Heats Up:

  1. MySpace will make a comeback.
  2. Continuing to follow the notorious trend of building copies of the competition (Stories, Reels, etc.), Zuckerberg will announce a new platform to compete with the increased popularity of Parler (RIP). On this platform users will be able to say whatever weird, untrue nonsense they want without fear of it being taken down. The new platform will be called Facebook.

Let’s hope I’m wrong with these items above. That said, if you’re looking for some more authentic advice on how to navigate social media marketing in 2021, check out our social media predictions for 2021 that aren’t “so 2020.”

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