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10 Dominant Recent Trends in Digital Marketing in 2020

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So, another year begins. For marketers, there is a lot to be excited about in the year ahead, and the landscape already looks ripe with opportunity for companies who are willing to embrace innovation.

Let’s look at the top digital marketing trends in 2020.

1. A Shift From Multi-Channel Approach to Omni-Channel Approach

Beforehand, it made sense to focus on just one or two channels and to do them really well. Now, omnichannel marketing is one of the top future marketing trends.

By experimenting with the full spectrum available, you can use data insights to apply a forensic approach to your marketing. This will enable you to interact with more customers across a range of digital touchpoints, and ultimately you can optimize your budget for the best return.

2. Voice Search is Taking Over

Voice search is projected to account for more than 50% of all searches by 2020. With over 33 million devices already using voice search, it’s easy to believe.

This channel is changing the dynamics of search engine optimization (SEO), allowing the companies who use it to get an edge on their rivals.

3. Conversion Optimization is Paramount

Research from HubSpot found that companies that have 31-40 landing pages on their website generate up to 7 times as many new leads than businesses that have only 1-5 landing pages.

And if your business has more than 40 landing pages, the increase in lead acquisition almost doubles again! By optimizing these landing pages for your audience, you can drive conversions through the roof.

4. Leverage Your Marketing Funnels

There is more to a sale than your ad. You can consider up-sells, cross-sells, churn rate, and the customer lifetime value among other things.

By mapping the customer journey from the very beginning until a conversion point, you can devise a great marketing funnel that is closely aligned with the needs and interests of your target audience.

5. Content Marketing is Changing

Joe Pulizzi of Content Marketing Institute asserts that there are three key pillars in content marketing:

Record, repeat, remove.

Blogging is incredibly saturated, so it’s very difficult to create truly original content that will get shared and linked to organically. Nowadays, content marketers must work harder to make their content stand out.

6. Video Content is the Key

If you didn’t realize already, video content is the new king in town. People find videos more engaging, and they are more likely to interact, leave comments, and share videos than they are with simple text-based articles.

Many marketers are already using videos in emails and on their landing pages, which can boost conversions by almost 90%. The video will continue its surge to dominate digital marketing in 2020, so it’s better to get involved sooner rather than later.

7. Visual Search is Gaining Traction

One of the more recent trends in digital marketing is the rise of visual search. Pinterest has invested heavily in this and even launched lenses – a visual search tool that enables people to use visual search to find products and buy them online.

Google Lens is another one to look out for. You can use it to recognize landmarks and objects through the camera app. As the tech evolves, this is sure to become a massive part of modern marketing purely for the benefits on the user experience.

8. Artificial Intelligence is Now Integral

It’s long past the days of a fad now – AI is the real deal. Marketers around the world have welcomed it with open arms, and it’s easy to see why.

The advantages of using AI in programmatic advertising and campaign analysis are incredible. By harnessing its potential to learn about your customers, you can enhance the user experience and reap untold fortunes for your company.

9. Podcasting is not in the Past – It’s the Future

Over 40 million Americans listen to an average of five podcast episodes each week, which indicates just how much the medium has flourished in the past few years. It certainly spent a long time on the fringes of success, seemingly destined to fade away without having truly made it.

However, 2020 may well be the year that podcast marketing goes stratospheric as it makes it easy for people to consume content on the go.

10. Analytics-Driven Digital Marketing Will Win

Just as AI relies on data, so too does analytics-driven marketing. The reality is now inescapable – analytics is an essential component of business both now and for many years to come.

The companies who embrace that truth will thrive, while those who refuse to adapt will eventually wither and fail.

You can overcome the struggle by using digital marketing analytics tools from PPCexpo to enhance your data analysis. Our in-depth reports allow marketers to learn more from their advertising campaigns, and they can then apply this new-found knowledge to make smarter, more effective decisions about their advertising.

Embrace the Trends for 2020 to Remain Competitive

Rapid advancements in technology continue to shape the way we do business, and critical marketing trends arise so regularly that it can be tough to keep pace.

In 2020, digital marketing will undergo further transformation, with voice search, video, AI, and data analytics continuing their steady takeover.

Now is the time to get onboard with these channels, even if it’s only in earnest. There is so much to gain from embracing these trends this year. Try them now, before it’s too late and your business falls too far behind.

We have a dedicated team of data scientists that continue to devise unique, specialized reports, making data analysis more powerful than ever before. Check out the PPCexpo Reports Library today to get an edge on your competition with better analytics-driven marketing.

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